Whether you're a business looking for a total lighting retrofit or a homeowner just looking to reduce your costs, Valleywide can help.

For Businesses:

Valleywide Electric, Inc. can help you to reduce your energy usage thus, lowering your energy costs. Bob Meixsell, Owner and Master Electrician, provides free on-site consultations to help you decide which option would be the best choice for you to reduce your energy costs. His evaluation provides your choices and even estimates your return on investment. Bob will also help you submit those dreaded rebate forms to your energy company or to the state. Cut right through the red tape with Valleywide Electric!

For Homeowners:

Valleywide Electric, Inc. can evaluate the electrical aspects of your home and recommend energy conscious solutions to reduce your costs. From updating your old fixtures with more efficient fixtures to installing dimmers or whole house lighting control systems, VWE has the solution to fit your budget. For more information, check out the following links: